I don’t want to miss you but I miss you.

I don’t want to miss you but I miss you. I miss constantly talking to you. I miss the way you drive around singing every song that comes on the radio and not caring that you can’t sing. I miss when you would leave voicemails at night. I miss your bear hugs. I miss when you picked me up from school and had mac & cheese waiting for me in the car. I miss hearing you tell me how much you don’t want me to hang up the phone. I miss hearing about how your day was. I miss you giving me the look along with a light tap when I curse too much in one day. I miss seeing your fangs when you smile. I miss laying next to you, watching tv and you biting me. I miss you twitching when you fall asleep. I miss you hugging me when I wake up freaking out from a horrible dream. I miss you telling me that everything is going to be ok because nothing is ok and I’m falling apart. I don’t want to miss you because it still hurts knowing you didn’t want me anymore, knowing you got bored with me and cut me out of your life like it was nothing. I don’t want to miss you at all, but I miss you.

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